Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Why do things happen?

First I want to thank everyone for your kind messages yesterday and all your prayers. And thanks for understanding that sometimes things just can't be talked about until you are through it and have sorted out your heart. I know that many of you are there for me and I appreciate that.

Ok. Moving on...

Why do things happen? Everyone has an answer to that. Some may be deep, some not so deep and sometimes the answer is just "I don't know." One thing I do know though is that when someone is going through something tough at least one person will say to them "just remember that everything happens for a reason." I know it is meant to be encouraging and helpful. I know people that say this don't mean for it to be "fluff" but to me that is what it is so I just pack it up and stick it in the bag with all the other "Christian fluff" that has come my way over the years.

What is Christian fluff?? Those easy answers. Those answers that make it sound like we totally understand God. Those answers we say that don't really have any answers to them but sound good.

Everything happens for a reason.

Yes. Everything does happen for a reason. I believe that. And everything happens for a reason because of CAUSE AND EFFECT.

The situation going on in my life... God didn't cause it to happen. I guarantee you God wouldn't WANT for it to happen. (Don't worry... I know that makes it sound like something horribly awful is going on in my life... it's not fun but it is definitely bearable. Sorry for being so vague.) The situation is here because of cause and effect... decisions that have been made, decisions that have not been made. It's happening because life happens. I can look back and I know why it is all happening. Cause and effect.

What we do when we are in these tough decisions is what counts. Will we go to God with it? Will we ask him how to move forward and grow and heal and then follow the path he shows us? Or will we continue the way we have been going... living in the "effect" that came about due to our choices. (Or sometimes came about as the result of another person's choices.)

Anyways... just giving you something to think about. What are your thoughts on "everything happens for a reason?"

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