Saturday, May 1, 2010

Would you be interested?

There are days where I wish that blogger had some of the features that myspace did.

I spent a few years blogging on myspace and one of my favorite things was being able to set a preferred list which gave me complete control over who could read certain blogs. That allowed me to set up a girls only list and write about stuff that I would talk about with my girl friends but not in mixed company... you know... girl stuff. It was a lot of fun during the pregnancies ha!

Lately things keep coming to mind and I would write a blog about it but... well... my Dad reads my blog and I would like to spare him. :) Along with the few other guy readers. Plus... there really are just some things I won't talk about with guys around.

So my question to my girl readers is this... If I created another blog to write about that girl stuff would you read it? If no one is going to read it I'm not going to bother with doing the work. I would set the settings so that you would have to request to be okay-ed to read the blog. I think it would be a one time thing so not much work on your part to get hooked up. Any thoughts on this?? Let me know.

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