Friday, June 18, 2010

Beautiful Keira

 I decided I better get all caught up on my editing since I will most likely have a photo shoot next Friday with a one year old, a wedding next Saturday and then I was asked to photograph some stuff at a friend's wedding reception the weekend after that. Going to be busy!

Keira is my friend Kim's 11 year old daughter. I did a family photo shoot for them a while ago and Keira was just so in to having her picture taken that I knew I needed to take just her out sometime and have some fun. She was a great person to practice with. Usually I am taking pictures of little kids or adults so it was nice to have someone in between.

I love the little bit of red, blue and yellow in this first picture.

We practically walked through a swamp to get to this stump. Keira didn't mind a bit. :)

This next one is totally different for me... a picture without a face! Who would have thought. But I like it. I'm glad I thought to take it. Way out of my little box. (Growth!)

 Isn't she pretty!

And absolutely adorable!

I loved that she was so in to having pics with her violin.

And we had to play with bubbles!

Thanks for being such a great model Keira!! You are beautiful!!!

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