Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A bird story.

We absolutely loved having the birds living outside our door. We became a bit attached... I mean we watched them grow up. Literally. And it didn't take long.
 The eggs were laid on two different days.

The baby birds were born a day apart.

Mama and Papa Bird took great care of their babies. They took turns sitting in the nest and going out hunting for food. It was fascinating to see it all.

Before we knew it, the birds had quadrupled in size. I couldn't believe how fast they grew. Really... they were only out there for about two weeks.

 They hung out in the nest getting stronger and stronger. I was always wondering how long it would be until they flew away. And then the ugly cat came along and started hanging out on our porch.

I thought I had convinced it to stay away for good because it hadn't come around for a few days. I thought all was safe.
But one morning when we got home from the gym we found the cat on our porch, feathers around and the birds gone. :(
I have no idea if the cat got them or if they flew off. I don't think I will ever know. It makes me sad. I hate that cat. And I just keep telling myself that the birds flew off and are safe. Otherwise I just might cry.

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