Monday, June 21, 2010

Caleb Update

I called my brother Tony today to get an update on my nephew Caleb. (If you missed the prior posts about his condition when he was born you can go HERE and read from the bottom up.)

Caleb is still in the hospital and he still has the chest tube in. Initially it was put in as a precaution after the surgery just in case there was any leakage. They had to leave it in because there was air around Caleb's lungs. (Pneumothorax is what it is called in case you like to know that technical stuff.) An xray was done on Saturday and showed that there wasn't any more air. One more xray will be done today just to make sure. If there is no air the chest tube will come out.

That chest tube needs to come out and here is why... Tony and Grace have not been able to hold their baby boy since the surgery. It's been two weeks. Once that chest tube comes out they can FINALLY hold him again!

Caleb is still being fed through a feeding tube. They had been giving him a bottle once a day but he was having difficultly with swallowing. They decided yesterday to stop the bottle and it's all feeding tube again. Tomorrow they are doing a swallowing study to see what is going on and determine whether or not Caleb will need a therapist to help him work out the eating issues. The eating/swallowing thing is now what will determine how long little Caleb will remain in the hospital.

Pray for:
1. No air around the lungs so they can remove the chest tube and Caleb can finally be in his parent's arms again.
2. The whole swallowing thing to work itself out pronto so that Caleb can finally go home.

 Thanks for all your prayers! My entire family appreciates it!

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