Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear Pet Owners,

I think it is really nice that you enjoy having pets. Really. I do. However, could you PLEASE keep them in your own yard or house??

You see... not all of us like pets/animals/whatever. And there are reasons that we don't have them. Say, we don't like cleaning up crap in the yard. Or we don't want to have their muddy prints all over our cars. Or we don't like them sitting on our porch or at our door thinking they are going to be allowed to come inside.

I am not a pet owner and therefore do not want your pets hanging out at my house. If I wanted an animal to hang out at my house I would go get my own. I also do not want your pet walking all over my cars.

If you can't make it learn to stay in your yard then put a leash on it! (Yes I have seen cats on leashes.) And if you are gone from 7am until 7pm every day then it is probably not the best idea for you to have a pet. Don't go thinking that the entire neighborhood wants to adopt your animal.

I you can't take care of it then get rid of it. Either way just keep it out of my yard!

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