Friday, June 25, 2010


I "like" Lisa Bevere on Facebook. She is one of my favorite people. I love her books. They have changed me. And I am sooo excited to be going through her book Fight Like a Girl with my small group.

Anyways... let's get to the point. If you've been following my blog for more than a week then you know Mike and I have been in a tense place in our marriage. As Gary Chapman would call it we are in the season of fall. We are in a place where we are saying "something's gotta change!" We both want it to be better and we are both making changes to make it better.

But if you've been reading my posts... like THIS ONE.... or THIS ONE... then you know that I have been being convicted of so much and that I am learning to make some changes in me to make some changes in my marriage.

So how does Lisa Bevere fit in to this post??

She posted on her facebook this...

"Marriage is something you don't get out of alive--Pastor Mike Freeman-- There is death involved in becoming one."

So true.

There is death. Death to selfishness. Death to me, me, me and I want, I want, I want. Death to all things in me that wreck my marriage. Death. A good death. A death that will certainly bring more life.

I'm killing stuff.

What needs to die in your relationship?

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