Sunday, June 13, 2010

F is for fart.

Today we started teaching the kids the letter F. Liza calls it "jeff".

They'll get it.

One of the things we do all week for a letter is constantly talk about it and the sound it makes and then think up as many words as we can that start with that letter.

This was just our dinner conversation...

ME: What letter are we learning today?
LIZA: What letter ARE we learning?
ME: F. What does it say?
LIZA: fffffffffff
JASON: ffffffffffff
ME: Food starts with F. Do you hear it?
LIZA: Fork says F tooooo!
(It should be noted here that for a second I thought she said fart. Then I realized fart was also an F word.)
ME: Yep. Fork is an F word. Fart says fffff too. (looks at Mike) Sometimes literally.
(Mike gives me a look that says "Nice Laura. Real nice.")
LIZA: Yeah and den you hafta say escuse me.
ME: Yep.
JASON: cuuse meeee!
LIZA: It's yucky. Bum in your mouth.
JASON: Ewwwww! Yucky bum in yo mouf!
(I lost it. I have no idea where they come up with this stuff.)
(Mike is still looking at me like "Nice Laura. Real nice.")
LIZA: What's so funny?

Good thing dinner was pretty much over at that point.

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