Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A few things...

1. I missed posting a photo tip for you to practice this week. I'll pick back up next week. Life is chaotic here and my mind is crazy scattered.

2. The Girl Talk blog is now public. We originally didn't want to do this but we also didn't realize that keeping it private would only allow for 100 readers and no one would be able to subscribe to get updates in their email or dashboard. I'm going to post the link and I know there are probably curious guys that may click... click at your own risk. www.talkingaboutgirlstuff.blogspot.com. (If you have already "followed" the blog you will need to unfollow and then refollow to start getting the updates. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

3. A lot of my readers have expressed to me over time that they are trying to lose weight... whether it is 10 pounds or 200 pounds. A friend posted a link to a truly inspirational story of weightloss on facebook and it is just too good not to share. At 16 years old he found out that he weighed 799 pounds and with the help of a trainer and support of family and friends he began to lose weight and change his life. And he did it with diet and exercise.You can read his story HERE.

4. I've been given blog awards from a few people in the past few months and I am horrible at thanking them and passing them on. I do know that I got awards from these people...

Melissa... my BBFF  (best bloggy friend forever! I love her!) She writes about life in general at Little Mrs. Married and she writes about her weightloss journey at Try, Try Again. I love her attitude in life and she's about the happiest married girl ever.

Jenna at Jenna's Jargon. She'll make you laugh and she also posts lots of her great photos!

Lindsey at A Dollop of My Life. Lindsey is like me and writes about everything and anything. She also writes with me at Girl Talk. You will see great pictures of her cute little boy, pictures of the growing baby bump and you will find it refreshing as she talks about life in an open and honest way.

And a few other blogs that I love to read...

Julie Lost and Found... Another good weight loss blog. Check her out and leave some encouragement. We all know how tough this journey is!

My Perspective... Kim is my "real life" friend. She has a fun way with words and is good at telling a story.

Simple Four Letter Word... Engaged and planning her wedding, Krystal has been posting about some favorite things she's been finding while doing the gift registry lately. Nothing like dreaming!

Third Time's a Charm... On this blog you will be challenged to take a good look at your life and ask yourself "is this the life I want?" I always come away with something new to think about.

Ok... that's enough for now. Hope your week started off better than mine!

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