Friday, June 4, 2010

Mom and Dad visit.

Mom and Dad came out for a visit over the weekend. Mom had been saying for a while that she wanted to come out on a nice day so we could take a hike or go to the lake or something fun like that but it seemed that for the longest time the weekends didn't have any nice days. It finally worked out and I am glad that it did!

The kids always get crazy excited when Grandma Ann and Papa Mike are coming over. They live two hours away so it's not a real common thing.

We did our usual hike at McConnells Mill. It never gets old.

We had to stop often to throw rocks in the water. I think my dad had just as much fun as the kids did. He definitely had them excited with the big splashed he was making.

I love this hike because the kids don't need any help.

We made our way to the waterfall and threw more rocks.

On the way back Jason got a bit fussy and wanted to be carried. I really didn't want to have to carry him but he was insisting. He gets like that. Then my dad made a deal... if I would carry Jason's shoes (they were muddy) Dad would carry Jason. It was a good deal.

We had a picnic and played at the park for a little bit before we had to head back home. It's one of the kids favorite things to do and it's always a good time. I'm glad that Mom and Dad were finally able to make it out. We will be visiting them in a few weeks when we get to the letter G.

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