Monday, June 28, 2010

Photography... Composition part 3

A few weeks ago I posted the rule of thirds and then about trying different angles. Today I want to talk about getting in close.

The three things I mentioned above are the things I always tell people when they say "Laura, your photos are so much better than mine!" But the biggest one is getting in close. Fill your frame. Now, you have to keep in mind that you don't ALWAYS have to do these things. You are aloud to break the rules. But so many of you have said at some time or another that you wanted to be better with taking photos and these are things I've found helpful over the years.

So practice this. Take a picture like you normally would and then zoom in. Or move your feet if you can't zoom anymore. Take another picture. Then try getting even closer. Keep going until you are so close that your camera will no longer focus. See what you come up with. You might love the results. You might hate them. But it will get you thinking more about your photos. When you zoom in you let people know what you wanted them to see. Did you want them to see the mess that your house is in the background behind your kid's cute smile? Or did you want them to see your cute smiling kid??

An example... You can take a picture of the cute little flower girl...

and then you can zoom in and show off the little detail on her dress that you absolutely loved.

Ok. Go practice. :)

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