Friday, June 18, 2010

Photography... Different Angles

On Monday I posted about taking pictures from different angles... behind, above, below, beside... whatever. Just taking pictures other than straight on all the time. Here are some of my photos that I've taken recently...

I know this isn't a spectacular picture but I just love taking pictures of my kids from behind. I think they are super cute and I have sooo many of their faces that sometimes it's nice to just mix it up a bit.

This is my sister-in-law Ariel. It's a simple picture and all I did was tilt the camera just a little bit. I think it makes it much more interesting than if I hadn't.

Sometimes I am too lazy to get down on the same level as my kids but that's ok because it really works to be above them having them look up at me.

And this is Keira again. (More pics from this shoot coming later.) I was standing on a ladder to get this shot. LOVE IT! How cute is she!?!?!

Did you practice this week?? Share what you came up with. Just leave a link to your post or flikr or wherever you have your pics in the McLinky. And come back Monday for the next tip.

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