Friday, June 4, 2010

Please pray for Caleb.

Caleb is my newest nephew, born June 2nd.

He will be having surgery on Tuesday.

Caleb has Tracheal Esophageal Fistula and Esophageal Atresia. (TEF/EA)   <-- Click that if you want detailed, medical explanations. 

This next bit is me trying to explain to you what my brother explained to me about what the doctors explained to him. (Follow that?) Basically Caleb's trachia and esophegus didn't form correctly and is not connected the whole way down. The bottom half is connected to the trachia and will need to be snipped and then the two halves of the esophegus will need to be connected.

Caleb has not been able to eat since he was born and that is how they discovered his condition. He will be on some type of IV for a while.

Here are some things you can pray for...
1. The obvious... great doctors and a smooth surgery.
2. Peace for Tony and Grace. (My brother and sister-in-law)
3. Sometimes this condition is also accompanied by other complications in the heart and/or liver. Pray for complete wholeness in little Caleb's body and no other complications.
4. After this surgery the esophagus still won't work correctly and Caleb will need to be fed sitting up... according to the doctors. According to my God, Caleb can come through this with a completely well and functional esophagus.
5. No infection.

The better the surgery goes, the quicker his little body can heal, the sooner he can go home. If everything goes really well Caleb could be home in about two weeks.

Thanks for your prayers. I'll keep you updated.

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