Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sarah Groves

Have you ever bought a CD and then listened to it only to realize that every single song seems to speak to your life RIGHT NOW? I did that.

I was frustrated with life one day so I went out and just browsed the shops and spent some time alone. I was at Family Christian Stores and saw a Sarah Groves cd on sale for $5. I was thinking that I knew who it was and that the music would be something I liked. I found it wasn't who I thought it was but I liked it anyways and the music WAS just as I was hoping it would be.

While browsing Sarah Groves' website I found that she said this about her album Fireflies and Songs...

While Sara is the first to confirm Fireflies & Songs is the "most her" musically, it's also the singer's most candid recording. "I tried not to teach on this album," she explains. "And I'm a natural-born teacher. I turn everything into a lesson--for myself, for the people around me. That's how I process my life, that's how I learn. But I wanted Fireflies & Songs to feel more like friends and I are talking at Don Pablo's over nachos and cheese. I'm trying to be more confessional, and I hope these songs encourage other people to live confessionally."

I just LOVE this entire cd.

"It's Me" is my favorite song right now and so greatly describes how we can go from one season in marriage to another. It's honest. It's real. And it happens to so many... whether they will admit it to others or not. Anyone that is married has experienced this whether it has been for an hour, a day or years. Mike and I are here... "the girl in me is crying out 'It's me.'"

Have a listen.

It's Me

Well it came & caught us off our guard
We were just laughin'
Feelin' alright
Had such a great time just last night

We walked into a minefield undetected
You took a tone
I took offense
Anger replacing all common sense

Oh, run for your life
All tenderness is gone
In the blink of an eye
All goodwill has withdrawn
We mark out our paces
And stare our from our faces
Baby, you & I are gone, gone, gone

Incomprehensible, layers of isolation
Now you're the man w a heart of stone
Making me pay by being alone
Soon you will justify righteous indignation
Now I'm a woman who holds all her pain
Looking for somebody else to blame


We hold all the keys to our undoing
Cutting me down in small degrees
You know my worst insecurities
I'm making no effort to understand
No one can hurt you like I can
Deep down inside the girl's waking up
She's going to look to the boy she loves

It's me
Oh, baby, it's me

How in the world can tenderness be gone - in the blink of an eye?
Ohh, how in the world can tenderness be gone - in the blink of an eye?

Ooohhh, whoa, whoa

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