Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two Little Liza Stories

Yesterday we got the kids all ready to go and headed to the end of the road with their bikes. Liza was all excited and was running a little bit. She likes to run. Halfway there she falls and scrapes her hand and knee a little bit. If you asked her what happened she will tell you "I had two bloods." She was crying and I picked her up and carried her to the house to wash up and get band-aids. As I'm cleaning her up she says "I was running and fell and you didn't catch me Mommy." I guess it was all my fault that she got a boo boo.


My mom is visiting for a few days. She is sleeping in Liza's bed and Liza is on an air mattress on the floor. She thinks it's cool. Last night when it was time for me to go to bed I went and checked on her like I always do. This is what I found...

She really does love her Minnie Mouse... who she always calls Mickey. She'll learn some day.


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