Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What happens in the bathroom...

We were chilling in the living room like we often do and Liza runs to bathroom while yelling "I gotta peeeee!" Jason follows her because that is what he always does.

Liza can do everything in the bathroom as long as she is just going pee so I stayed where I was.

A minute later I hear "I pooooop MOOOM!"

I told her "hang on a sec. I'll be right there."

The next thing I hear is "Jason got some off!!!"

That definitely got me moving. I ran back the hall and found Liza with her hands and feet on the floor, butt straight up in the air and Jason with a massive ball of toilet paper wiping her butt.

Just another reason that I believe in having two kids close in age haha. Keeps life interesting. :)

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