Thursday, June 3, 2010


I've been wanting a table and chairs for outback for over a year now so you can imagine how happy I was when I found a set that was only $90! I finally decided to buy it. It's perfect!

We only really have two almost flat spots in our yard. One spot is for the kid's pool this summer and the other is now for the table. It worked out quite nicely.

We've been using that table A LOT since we got it a week ago. The kids love to have lunch there. Actually Jason has begun waking up and asking to "eat outshiiide" but I have told him that we don't do breakfast outside. He cried one time when I told him that. Silly boy. We've also eaten dinners out there. We've had company and a cookout. Yesterday I sat at the table and read a book with my foot propped up (letting my toe get better) while the kids played.

It was a great purchase.

The other day I actually made  up a salad like I tend to get when at Panera Bread and sat out there eating while reading a book... it was almost like being at Panera. Quite relaxing.

The umbrella didn't come with the table. It's actually one of our beach ones. I'm too cheap to buy a real one for the furniture.

I have a feeling that this table and chairs are going to get used A LOT!

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