Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You want me to WHAT!??

Panera Bread is my place to go when I need to get away from life. There is something about that place... I can sit and read and write for hours and God always seems to meet me there. I want to share with you what I wrote in my journal while there not too long ago...

I'm a mess. I'm reading The Four Seasons Of Marriage by Gary Chapman and I get convicted of something every other paragraph. ugh! This is rough.

I mean... I knew I couldn't blame Mike for where we were at in our marriage. I know I am at fault as well. But I'm starting to think I am the only problem. How did I get here? How did I become this person? I don't like who I am as a wife.

I'm reading the chapter called "Discover the Joy of Helping Your Spouse Succeed" and in it Chapman talks about the importance of serving. He mentions how Jesus humbled himself and washed his disciples feet. In that moment I felt that God was telling me that when I go home I am to wash Michael's feet.

I KNOW I didn't make that up on my own. I have never purposefully touched Mike's feet in our 7 1/2 years of being married. I just hate feet. I don't touch anyone's.

But here I am, being told by God to go home and wash Michael's feet.


This will not be an easy thing to do but I know that I must do it. Tonight.

God, help me.

I'll share what I wrote after I got home tomorrow.

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