Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chris and Emily

I was so excited to have the oportunity to photograph another wedding. This time was even better because I was only the second shooter. I asked my friend if she would mind if I came along and helped out. She said yes. I got to practice, practice, practice without the pressure to deliver because I was working for free. :) I loved it!

So this was my second wedding and I am very pleased with what I got. Sure I didn't always get the perfect lighting and exposure... but I'm getting better and I learned a lot.

Chris and Emily are by far the sweetest couple I have ever seen. Their love for each other was infectious and it was hard to be in a room with them and not feel loads of joy and love. They are so in love. They made me want to be young and fall in love all over again... with my husband of course. Perhaps I will share more on that another time. Anyways... it was by far the cutest wedding I have ever been to. Here are some of my favorite shots...

The girls just before the ceremony.

The cutest ring bearer EVER! Oh my gosh... he is going to be a romantic fella some day. I can just tell! He will love well.

Details. Everything was pink. It was fabulous.

My most favorite part of any wedding. He sees his bride!! His eyes got teary and everything. Honestly, if I wasn't concentrating on my job I would have been in tears (good ones) so many times on this day.

Mr. and his Mrs.!

The groom's dad was lots of fun. He just wanted to hang with the guys. See him in the back of the picture?? Behind the groom? He snuck in. :)

The girls were all so pretty.

First dance.

Father Daughter dance... another of my favorite moments of a wedding day.


End of the night.

I hope to have another opportunity to practice a wedding again some day. I absolutely loved it and I love weddings. Perfect combo.

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