Thursday, July 8, 2010


I am reading Love, Rosie by Cecelia Ahern. I love this book and picked it for our book group to read this month. I'm so glad I'm reading it again. You should read it.

Anyways... Rosie is the main character and she has a best friend Alex. Rosie has always dreamed of working in a hotel but some things happen in her life that cause her to put that dream off. She spends a while working in a job that she really doesn't like at all and one day she gets herself fired. Alex pumps up her confidence and she finds herself applying to all the hotels in the area. She lands a job as a receptionist in a really nice hotel and stays in that job for a few years. She likes it. Enjoys it. And one day she gets a promotion to work at a new hotel/resort that is going to be built. She is thrilled at this opportunity and writes Alex this letter...

Well I'm not quite sure of the location for the hotel just yet but I have a sneaky suspicion it's along the coast. Can you believe that I will finally get to work in a hotel by the sea? It will take longer to commute to, but it's worth it to be able to leave the city behind for a few hours every day. I should be out there within the next few months. When they say resort they are referring to the new eighteen-hole golf course they are building. There will be a gym and pool and more leisure facilities, unlike here which is in the heart of the city and has nothing but bedrooms, a tiny gym, and resaurants. I'm a bit hazy on all the details because they haven't fully informed me of everything yet, they just asked me if I was interested in this job and of course I couldn't turn it down!

But this entire experience has taught me something. It's taught me that I'm ready to move on from this job. I'm ready to accept a new challenge and without having any sort of game plan at all, I seem to be moving closer and closer toward my dream. Whoever thought those childhood dreams of running a hotel weren't quite beyond my grasp after all? It's funny because when you're a child, you believe you can be anything you want to be, go wherever you want to go. There's no limit to what you can dream. You expect the unexpected, you believe in magic, in fairy tales, and in possibilities. Then you grow older and that innocence is shattered and somewhere along the way the reality of life gets in the way and you're hit by the realization that you can't be all you wanted to be, you just might have to settle for a little bit less.

Or perhaps a vaiation of what you once wanted.

Why do we stop believing in ourselves? Why do we let facts and figures and anything but dreams rule our lives?

But now my mind is changed again. Nothing is impossible Alex--it was there all the time, I just wasn't reaching out far enough, that's all.

Nothing is impossible.

Not a bad statement coming from the pen of a cynic.

I love it. Especially the part that says "Why do we stop believing in ourselves? Why do we let facts and figures and anything but dreams rule our lives?"

Have you given up on your dreams due to facts and figures? Have you let them go? Stopped chasing the dreams? Have you stopped believing in yourself? Are you going to continue to live that way or are you going to start believing like a child again and go after those dreams? Are you going to settle and live safe? Or are you going to take a risk and go for it?

I say go for the dreams!

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