Saturday, July 31, 2010

Exhausted insanity

That's where I'm at and I'm just going to complain now so if you don't want to listen to me complaining you can just click off the blog.

The kids are STILL sick. I thought they were getting better last night. I left for a while after Mike got home (at 7pm grr) and it seemed they were both fine. I came home to find out Liza had a fever... again.

At least there hasn't been any puking. I can't handle that.

But both kids have not been themselves lately and we are stuck at home. I won't take the kids places when they are sick... I'm not that mom that likes to spread the germs. Today will be day number four at home. I can't remember the last time that the kids and I didn't get out and do something during the day... and to have four days in a row like that!?!! No library, gym, store, church or even playing outback. Just sitting at home, bumming on the couch, watching  movies and trying to get better. AAAAAAAHHHH! I don't know if I can take much more of it.

Yes it's Saturday and yes Mike is working.

I have got out in the evenings a little but it's just not enough. I REALLY need to do some grocery shopping. No idea what we are going to have for lunch or dinner.

When Liza gets sick she just wants to lay on the couch and be left alone. It's quite sad. She doesn't even want touched. :( Jason on the other hand wants nothing but to be held. So he's been coughing in my face all week. He has a sore throat and a bit of phlegm. I think I'm getting what he has. :(

And I am probably going to have to cancel our babysitter for tomorrow. We have one coming from noon to 9. That's a nice day out. We have tickets to see Bye Bye Birdie. My sister-in-law is in the pit band. We were going to make a day of it. But who knows if someone is going to want to watch my sick kids. I don't blame them if they don't.

I leave for vacation in less than a week. If I am sick for it I will probably punch someone in the face.

And I am completely exhausted. Jason has been having a hard time sleeping with all his coughing. That means that I get to get up every time with him. He just stands in the middle of his crib crying. It's the saddest thing ever.

I just want a night of sleep.

And for my kids to get better. :(

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