Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Folded Chips

Oh my gosh! What is it about folded potato chips!?!?!

I swear they are so much better than the flat, unfolded ones. I don't know why. Maybe it's the extra crunch? Maybe it's all in my head. Whatever it is I am completely obsessed with the folded chips.

I will turn a bag over and over so that new chips are always showing and I will hunt down all the folded ones. The other night I was eating chips out of the bag and I couldn't put them down because I kept finding more folded chips. Of course that leaves me with a bag of unfolded chips to eat before I can buy a new bag and get more folded ones. It's a vicious thing.

When I'm at Panera Bread I usually get chips as my side because the chips there are so yummy. I dump the little bag on my plate and eat all the flat chips first so I can fully enjoy the folded ones.

Folded chips are just better.

(Or maybe I just have issues. I'll believe that it's the chips. You believe what you want.)

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