Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hard Work

Let’s just be real here for a moment. (As if I’m not already!)

Marriage is hard work! HARD.

Ok. So I’m not talking pulling your teeth hard or getting your toddler to conform to your ways hard… but it’s hard. It’s work… because usually a person marries their opposite. I know I did. I’m all go, go, go. If there’s a problem let’s tackle it. If you need a solution I’ve got one! Let’s take this life on! Mike on the other hand is quite laid back which appears to someone like me as laziness.

It’s hard to learn to work with someone who doesn’t work like you do. It’s sometimes hard to love them because who they are can get on your nerves… time and time again. And that’s where the hard work comes in. It’s hard to decide to change yourself and how you view another’s design. It’s hard to compromise and do things differently than you are used to. It’s hard to learn to let go and realize some things just don’t matter. It’s just hard.

Opposites do attract and if you aren’t careful you will forget that you were at one time actually attracted to the differences. When two extremes come together you might have to deal with a few hurricanes but if you really work at it you will find that two can become one and when that happens you end up with a nice balanced one.

But it’s going to be hard work.

I’ve been working hard. It’s a process. It’s taking time. But changes are happening.

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