Monday, July 19, 2010

I almost said it.

As most of you know the kids and I went to visit my parents this past weekend. It's a two hour drive. The kids usually do really well on that drive.

Well... we were driving home on Sunday. They were tired. I was hoping they would nap but they just decided to pick on each and drive us all to insanity. Our van broke down and we had to take the car which has no AC so the windows were down. That was enough noise. Add on top of that two tired and whiny kids that are bugging each other in the backseat... not so fun.

Liza was just not listening. And what do you do when you are driving down the road? You yell. You tell her to stop doing what she is doing and listen. It's hard to threaten punishment because you aren't going to be home for a while yet.

So we are driving down the road and this phrase runs through my head. It was on the tip of my tongue and I ALMOST said it. It's something I'm sure most of you have heard at some point in your lives. But I REALLY didn't want to go there. And I made it. I made it all the way home without saying...


(But only because I really didn't want to pull the car over. I'm sure it will eventually come out of my mouth someday... and then I will think to myself  I have become my parents.)

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