Thursday, July 22, 2010

I first

The kids are always fighting over who is first. First for anything.

First for getting their hands washed.
First for getting their drink filled.
First for getting in the car.
First for getting out of bed in the morning.
First for getting their teeth brushed.
First for getting down from the dinner table.
First for getting a hug.
First for getting their butt wiped.

It's quite ridiculous. Anytime I say "Do 'something'" the kids start yelling...


This morning after breakfast both kids jumped out of their chairs, threw their bibs on the table and RAN to the bathroom yelling I FIRST!

Liza beat Jason as usual. I got to the bathroom and Liza was already standing on the stool with the water on and beginning to wash her hands. Jason was trying to get up on the stool and push his way in all the while saying I FIRST!!

And then I hear Liza calmly say "No. I da wine weader."

And all I could think was "If only she understood how true that little statement was." In so many ways.

Jason does truly do EVERYTHING that Liza does so in a literal sense she IS the line leader. But she is also the whine leader because if she whines Jason whines. And when they are both whining I tend to whine.

If only I could get Liza to stop being the "wine weader".

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