Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It must be summer.

Or maybe it has nothing to do with summer at all.

A lot of my blog friends have become "sloggers". Yeah. I just made that word up. A slogger is a "slacking blogger." I know. I'm a genius like that.

Actually I think a lot of people that start blogs become sloggers. They have good intentions. They set the blog up and get all excited. They write their first post about how they are "going to try this blog thing out." They post a few times... maybe even for a few months... and then they start to slack off. A few months later they are back apologizing to their readers (if there are any left) for the long absence and promising to be back much sooner this time. Only we don't hear from them again for another three months and we are once again greeted with an apology and a promise.

I know a few people who are really good at this. :) (Hi Genelle! How many blogs have you started now haha.)

Not everyone is going to be a blogger. Perhaps they realize they just don't have the time for it. Maybe they decide they just don't care to spend the time on it. Or maybe after a few posts they totally freak out and realize that they don't want all their business saved for all eternity somewhere in the great big world wide web. (I may have just created another slogger with that comment.)

But what about you... what are things you do to help you keep up with blogging? Why do you blog? Where do you get the thoughts/ideas for your posts? I seem to never run out of things to write about with my kids, books I'm reading and crazy mind. Blogging is my therapy. My history recorder and my way of sharing my life and the life of my children with my family who don't live near.

Blogging has become such a wonderful outlet for me and I think I would shrivel up and die if I could no longer do it.

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