Thursday, July 1, 2010

It takes time.

I've heard a few things this week like:

"When are we going to get to see some of those wedding pics you took?"
"I want to see wedding pics!"
"Are you going to post those wedding pictures??"

Don't worry people. I will post them when I am finished with them. I think people don't realize all that goes in to photography and therefore sometimes misunderstand why a photographer might cost so much. We don't just show up, take a bunch of pics, slap um on a disc and say here you go.

We study. We plan. We prepare. We make sure we have all the right equipment. Then we show up at your event and take tons of pictures because we want you to be happy with the results. After that we come home and spend hours editing, making sure that we give you the best possible pictures that we can produce.

It takes time.

Lots of it.

I took 1300 pictures on Saturday. You just don't get through that in a day. Plus I am not an expert editor so it takes me time to figure out what I want to do. I've spent a lot of time these past few days at my computer and I'm getting there. But I'm not done yet.

I'm still in the process of narrowing it down to the best and editing those. Don't worry... you will get to see pictures. But give the photographer a break... I've only had four full days to work on these pictures and I have a family and a life. :)

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