Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have a mole on my chest. It is high enough that a lot of my shirts don't cover it and the kids have always been interested in it. They know it's a mole and when they are sitting with me they just love to point it out.

Liza used to tell me that she had two moles. :)

Today I was holding Jason and he pointed at the mole and this is the conversation that followed...

JASON: Wha sat?
ME: You know what that is.
JASON: A mole.
ME: Do you have any moles Jason?
JASON: (looks down at his chest and points to his little baby boy nipples.)
ME: What is that Jason?
JASON: I a know. (Translated "I don't know.") (Looks thoughtfully at his little nipples.) A boo boo.
He then points at the zit on my nose and says "You have a boo boo too!"

Thank you Jason. Thank you very much for helping me realize my fears are true. Everyone really DOES see the zit on my nose. I feel much better now.

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