Monday, July 5, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. M.

This past Saturday my friend Lauren became a Mrs.!!!!

I did Matt and Lauren's engagement pictures a while back and had loads of fun. They are such a cute couple and definitely belong together.

I didn't take very many pictures at the wedding but here a the few I did take. The first is of my favorite part of a wedding. Often when everyone stands to watch the bride come down the isle you can't even see her... so I turn and watch the grooms reaction to it all... and I usually snap a photo or two. :) It's something to be remembered!

After the wedding, instead of bubbles or whatever, they did a butterfly release. It was cute. The butterflies didn't want to fly away.

Hmmm... Maybe if they blow on them??

Eventually they started helping the butterflies out but most of them just flew back to Matt and Lauren and their flowers. I was wishing the whole time that I was in a better spot for taking pics. I was stuck in the back of the crowd.

Congratulations Matt and Lauren!! You are going to rock at life together!

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