Sunday, July 25, 2010

One Tuesday Morning

I'm currently reading One Tuesday Morning by Karen Kingsbury. I LOVE Karen Kingsbury. I've never read a book by her that I didn't love. She creates characters that are realistic but then she goes a step further. Kingsbury writes in a way that allows you to actually FEEL what the characters are feeling. She brings her characters to life.

By the end of many of her books I was certain that these characters MUST be real. I don't want the stories to end. I want to know how the families are getting on now. Where has life taken them since that last chapter I read. But of course they are fictional and I will not find them in a google search or on a random blog somewhere.

Anyways... back to One Tuesday Morning. This book! Oh my... this book is an emotional one. I'm about halfway through and have already had three good cries with it. It's a story about 9/11. Fictional characters and families but so real. My heart aches for what people went through. As I read the story it's like 9/11 is happening all over again. I see myself cleaning toilets of cabin 14 at the camp I was working at just outside of Boston when someone came in and told me what happened. I see myself sitting in the staff lounge on the not so cozy couches watching the little tv as the news showed the horrifying images over and over and over. I remember answering the phone when one of the guys who had worked there called to say he was supposed to be on one of those flights. He was holding the ticket in his hand and soooo so thankful that he had decided to stay in the states a little bit longer to spend more time with his girlfriend. I remember the eeriness of the quiet skies as the airports were shut down.

And what I experienced didn't even come close to what so many more were experiencing. I knew it was awful at the time. But Karen Kingsbury wrote a story that takes you there, on the scene, in to the hearts of homes of those who had loved ones on those planes and in those buildings. And once again I find myself crying for them.

This is an amazing book... but it is one that you won't find me reading while relaxing at Panera Bread or riding the stationary bike at the gym... it would be too embarrassing because I am sure I will cry my face off a few more times.

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