Friday, July 9, 2010

Reckless Abandon

My bloggie friend Julie from Julie Lost and Found wrote a post yesterday that got me thinking... and to be honest it got me a little fired up. So I'm going to get that all out here.

What got Julie going in her post was a status update that her nutritionist had put on his facebook page. It said "nothing quite angers me like watching fat people eat with reckless abandon."

Julie went on to talk about the word fat and the affect it had on her. His comment got me going in a different direction than that though. I've heard people say very similar things before and always it has to do with fat people.

But what about people like me? I'm thin. I'm in shape. I look healthy. But why doesn't it anger people, or upset them or make them sad when a couple like my husband and I hit the buffet and fill up plate after plate after plate and eat with reckless abandon? When we eat a days worth of calories in one meal? When we eat so much that we feel we might explode? When we stuff our faces without thought? Because I do that. I did that on Sunday at the breakfast buffet. And I did it just last night at the pizza buffet.

If it angers someone when they see a "fat" person do it then shouldn't it make sense that they should be angered when they see ANYONE do it? Because health is the ultimate goal... not skinny, right?

And just because I am thin and at a good weight doesn't mean that I don't have some of the same eating issues as someone who is overweight. I often sit down with a bag of chips and eat from it until I start to feel sick. I'm an emotional eater. I eat when I am sad and depressed. I eat to celebrate. I eat simply because I am bored. I eat way past the full feeling. And quite often I eat with reckless abandon.

What size does a person have to be to start being angry about how you see them when they are eating?

Do we get angry or feel sad for them because we want better for them? Or do we perhaps feel the way we do about it because it reminds us of ourselves and how we used to be... or maybe still are? Just wondering.

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