Sunday, July 18, 2010

Silly Boy

Sometimes Jason has issues. Silly issues.

Yesterday we went to Twin Lakes with my parents. It was a beautiful day. We packed up and headed out early. The kids were so excited to swim. The problem was that the sand isn't super nice, it's kind of dirty, and Jason REFUSED to put his feet down. Even in the water.

If I tried to make him he would just cry. He even started saying "I don't wanna him." (He can't say swim.)

We tried and tried. We splashed him in the water a bit.

We got him to swim for a while.

But we could not get him to touch the sand.

So we got a plastic bag and sat him on it and he was happy.

Jason got so silly about putting his feet down that he wouldn't even put his feet in the grass... something he does all the time.

Mom worked with him a bit and finally got him to conquer his fears little by little.

It took time but they finally got it all sorted out.

Silly boy.

But it's times like these that I have to remind myself that he isn't even 2 1/2 yet. He seems so much older.

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