Thursday, July 15, 2010


I am sooooo FRUSTRATED.

A couple of weeks ago we were supposed to go visit my parents. That didn't work out because the day before we were supposed to go Jason had a fever that was hitting 105. I had to explain to Liza why we weren't going. She was tough. I told her we would try again soon.

Today we did just that.

I spent all day yesterday getting things packed. The kids were pretty pumped to be going to see Grandma Ann and Papa Mike. I was too. I needed a break from the everyday life.

We got the car all packed up and hit the road... only to have to turn around ten minutes in to the trip. The check engine light was blinking and I remember Mike saying if that happens to stop driving it. We made it home but the whole way I got to listen to Jason in his sad little voice saying "but I don't wanna go home. I wanna go byes!" Broke my heart. I cried. Liza cried too. But she understands a little more than Jason. I told her the van was sick. She asked if the doctors could fix it.

I'd call Mike but I have the cell phone today. Ugh. This is ridiculous. Two times in a row now we've had to cancel plans to visit my parents due to things that are beyond my control. We are at home now. The kids are napping. The van is still packed and I don't know if I will ever get around to unpacking it. I'm just too frustrated to care about it. I have two really sad kids. A sad mom and dad. My day is ruined. I can't even take the kids out for ice cream to make it better. And I now have zero plans for the weekend.

Someone please make our day.

A side note... please do not tell me that it could have been worse... that the van could have broke down an hour in to the ride on the side of the interestate blah blah blah. Don't tell me that God probably has a reason for me to be staying home blah blah blah. Things like that will make me want to punch someone or something right now. There has been opposition to so much in my life lately and I'm quite sick of it. This was just one more thing. The better thing to do would be to tell me how much it sucks that I had to pack the car up with a few days worth of stuff for the kids and myself only to have all that time wasted and be stuck at home with two kids who have the saddest looks on their faces. I'm human. I want humanness.

End rant.


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