Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tutus and Jewelry

Since my last post was a bit of a downer I decided I should post something fun today as well. And since I haven't posted pictures in a while I figured that since I'm not feeling so well today and I am the one on the couch and the kids seem to have energy... I might as well catch up on some photos.
Yesterday Liza was playing in her room and she comes running out all excited and "LOOK AT MEEEE MOMMY!!!"

And so I looked at her and this is what she was so excited about...

Love her.

I was actually able to get her to pose for me a little bit and sit and get her picture taken.

Want to know how I got her to let me take her picture? Ok. I'll tell you.

I said "Let me take your picture and when I am done you can take mine!" She was excited and when it was her turn she ran and get her camera and I posed.

There will be no pictures of me because... well... there are no pictures of me. :) But I decided a while ago to get her one of those digital cameras for kids for her birthday at the end of September. Hope she likes it!

That is marker on her cheek. Not a bruise. I don't smack my kids around. :)

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