Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beautiful Mindy

Mindy asked if I would be interested in doing a bit of bartering. She needed a picture that she could put on her business cards and I get a full day babysitter out of it. A good deal.

We headed out the other night to take some pictures and I love how they turned out! I know a lot of them look real similar but the whole goal was to have a head shot for the business cards. (She sells Arbonne and loves it!)

Annnnd just for kicks. :)


People seem to have a really hard time with commitment these days. Really… it’s quite easy… if you say you are going to do something you do it. How not complicated is that!?

But all the time people tell me they are meeting me or doing something and then they never show or don’t follow through. All. The. Time.

It gets old.

And the excuses I hear! Oh man. Talk about making a person feel like crap.

“I fell asleep.”
“I need to cancel because this other friend called me and…”
“I forgot.”

I’m dealing with adults here. Not children. And this is how life goes. If this is how adults are these days… imagine how bad it will be for the kids who watch them as they grow up. I fear that commitment is a thing of the past.

I hate that you can’t count on people anymore. It’s discouraging.

Now, I understand that life happens and sometimes things do come up. Say someone died, the kid got sick and the other parent wasn’t around to watch them (because believe it or not husbands actually CAN take care of sick kids if us moms let them), a family member unexpectedly flies in to visit, a car breaks. I get it. I understand those things. But PLEASE don’t ever give me the lame excuses.

Maybe people just need to be taught the right thing to do. Ok. I’ll give the lesson.

You have already committed to do something. Someone else calls you and invites you to do something else. You do NOT cancel out on the first commitment. Instead,  you nicely say to the other person “I’m sorry. I can’t meet you that night because I already have a COMMITMENT. Can we do it a different time?”

It’s easy people. Really quite simple.

It’s the right thing to do.

Perhaps if you can't learn to commit in life we can "commit" you somewhere else. Har har.

Monday, August 30, 2010

What's coming...

So I just thought I should warn you that this will be the week of rants here at Life Happens. I've just had some stuff on my mind that bothers me and need to get it out. Some of you may hate me by the end of the week but I'm hoping most of you will be all "Rock on sista! You speak yo mind! We got yo back!"

They are all typed up and ready to go but I don't want to bombard you all in one day so I decided I should spread them out. You're welcome. :)

And just to keep things from being a complete downer here at Life Happens this week I will be showing you some pictures from this photo shoot...

And probably some from this one...

And I will be throwing in a giveaway one of these days.

I can't make it all frustration and irritation... we have to have some cuteness and fluff (like cute stories about my cute kiddos) in the mix... because that's the reality of my life. Get frustrated over something and then have one of my kids make me smile. It keeps me sane. Hope it works for you too this week.

Funny story... so today I wrote about how being late is my biggest peeve and wouldn't you know... I had to be somewhere and Mike was out. We had my sister-in-law babysit the kids. I'm about to walk out the door and Jason falls and cuts his lip. Not real bad but there was some blood and the boy needed Mama Love. No one can give my boy Mama Love like me. So after a few hugs he says "I stinky. I need changed." And so I did that too... because I need him to let me leave without a freak out.  He's a Mama's Boy. Or maybe I'm my Boy's Mama. I'm not sure who is more attached. Anyways... the whole time I'm thinking "Oh my gosh! How ironic that I write about how much I hate when people are late TODAY and TODAY is going to be the one time this year that I am late!" The whole drive I was looking at the clock every ten seconds all "What time is it NOW? Please don't be late! Please don't be late!" I wasn't late. It was close though.

Go figure.

A pleasant surprise.

Mike got a call last week telling him to take the week off of work. There were no jobs to be done.

It's bitter/sweet. We won't get a paycheck but I get Mike at home all week!!

Today I got a ton of cleaning done. Mike took the kids shopping with him so I could clean out their rooms. It's always easier to clean when the kids aren't running around behind me messing things up again. And it's also easier to get rid of toys.

Tonight we both had plans and I have two play dates scheduled this week but other than that we have nothing. I'm really looking forward to getting some more family time together.

I'm also looking forward to taking a full day out alone. :)

Major Peeve

Being late.

This is pretty much the worst thing you can do to me... whether it is making me late or showing up to meet me late.

Growing up I was always late and probably 99% of the time it wasn't my fault. I know mom and dad had six kids to get ready and out the door and I of course forgive them. And in high school it was always my sister making me late. We are opposites.

I vowed that when I was on my own I would always be on time... even after having kids. If you know me you know that I show up on time. It's important to me.


Well not because I'm bitter from when I was growing up. I'm not. It's because I believe it is about respect. If you tell someone that you will meet them at a certain time then you should use some good time management, plan your day appropriately and show up on time. I don't want to waste twenty minutes waiting for you. That is twenty minutes I could have used doing something else. Twenty minutes I will never get back. You don't like having to wait for people... don't make them wait for you.

One time a friend told me that she would meet me somewhere at a certain time. She showed up about a half hour late. She came in all apologizing because "I was on the phone with a friend and thought it would be really rude to tell her I had to go." No joke. So she thought it would be rude to end a conversation but it wouldn't be rude to let me wait for a half hour!? She was a habitually late person anyways but I told her next time she shows up late I won't be waiting for her. Some people thought that was rude. I don't.

I can't get that wasted time back.

If you were always late for your job you would probably eventually get fired. Perhaps I need to start "firing" people.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A few things...

I was out doing a photo shoot and when I came home Mike shared this story with me…

I was changing Jason’s diaper.  Liza was in her room and then came into Jason’s room.  Jason said it hurts me. He was on his changing table with a pooped diaper).  Liza said “then cry Jason, cry.”  Jason said “cry?”  Liza said “ya if it hurts.”  Jason’s wheels were turning and then he goes “eaeaeaeaeae.”   A very forced fake cry.  He wrinkled his eyes down and tried to be real sad.

Man… I miss some good stuff when I go out.


I was down town doing a photo shoot for a friend and I happened to be wearing a tie-dyed shirt. This guy walks buy and here is the conversation that happened…

HIM: You guys havin a good photo shoot?
ME: Yep.
HIM: Awesome. Hey… I just have to ask. You’re wearing a tie-dye shirt. Did you ever smoke pot?
ME: Nope. Never.
HIM: Ok. I had to ask because I saw the shirt from over here but when I got closer and could see you I didn’t think you did.
ME: Yep. Don’t smoke it.

Great. Seriously… the freaks were out last night!


The other day we were all out hiking and Liza says “I gotta pee.” Well we didn’t happen to be near any bathrooms so I figured it was a good time to teach the girl about peeing in the woods. We got her pants down and I helped her squat and she peed. She only got one drop on her pants… not bad for her first time peeing in the woods! Jason thought it was pretty neat too.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I love my family

I spent two summers working at Lutherlyn as the waterfront director and a few spring and fall seasons teaching environmental education. It's a beautiful camp and I figured it would be a great place for photo shoots (especially in the fall!) and took my family for a "hike" so we could scout it out a bit with the purpose of photography in mind.

We set out with camera and tripod in hand to see what we could come up with.

Liza easily gets caught up in her own little world picking flowers and finding whatever there is to be found along the way.

Mike took the camera for a while and found some SUNFLARE!!

It's not a very long walk at all but it took us forever with the kids. But we finally made it to Chapel Hill and the "weawy big cwoss!"

I don't have any pictures of the four us right now but I did invite my photographer friend along and she took some for me. (It's alot easier to do it that way than using the tripod and timer!) I can't wait to see her photos!!

Minor Adjustment

Mike and I began listening to a marriage series by Keith Moore. It's long so we haven't got too far in to it yet but it's good.

He talked about how when they fly out of the airport from Branson, Missouri headed for Southern California and the pilot is off by a degree or two that they won't end up in Southern California. Instead they will end up in Oregon.

However, had that pilot made a really minor adjustment when they first took off they would have landed at their desired designation.

Apply that to marriage...

Sometimes it just takes a minor adjustment to get back on course.

I've been making a lot of minor adjustments in the past few months and I can definitely say the course feels right again.

How about you? Have you checked lately to make sure that you are headed in the right direction?

Friday, August 27, 2010

This is the boy who...

...tells me his socks are "funny" every time I put them on and makes me "fix" them.

...also tells me his diaper is "funny" every time I change it and makes me "fix it".

...carries his red car EVERYWHERE.

...would sleep with his red car if I let him. But I don't. So instead the red car sits on his dresser so it can "watch" him sleep. It's the first thing he wants in the morning.

...calls me honey. :)

...gives the best hugs ever.

...I must look at every night while he is sleeping.

...wants to do everything his big sister does.

...screams and cries for no good reason every time he gets a bath.

...every night that I tuck him in says "good niiiight. Love you tooo! Bye!"

...every time I tell him we are going somewhere, whether it's the gym, store, library... anywhere... he says he doesn't want to go. Even though he really does.

...can throw a temper tantrum with the best of 'em.

...has a smile that can make any gray cloud go away.

...and owns a very large chunk of my heart.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wanna play football Mommy?

We went outback to play earlier today. Liza asked if she could take the football outside with her. I said of course.

After letting me take a few pictures she asked me to play football with her. I said ok.

I showed her how to catch the football and then we threw it back and forth a few times.

One time after she caught it she threw the football on the ground, said "now I hafta tackle you!" and charged.

Don't worry. It wasn't much of a tackle. It was more of a tickle. I had to make myself fall over.

But it was worth it for the laughs that came out of Liza... every. single. time.

A day at the park

Yesterday we had a busy morning. We woke up and headed to the gym as usual and then went straight to the park for a play date. For the past two and a half years our play dates have been with Liza's friends and it was always girls. Jason didn't seem to mind but this year he made a friend at church. They are best buddies and I decided it was time to get them together outside of church and to meet Jason's buddy's mom. I'm so glad that Jason has a friend and that he made that friend without any parental help from either side. He did it all on his own. He makes my heart happy.

I don't have any pictures of Jason with his friend to show you because I didn't ask his mom if she minded me doing that. I always ask first. But I do have lots of pics of my kiddos.

While we waited for our friends to show up we headed to the little bridge to throw rocks. It could keep the kids busy for hours.

They gather up some rocks...

then they run to the bridge and throw them in the water.

Then it's off for more rocks to do it all over again.

One time I managed to get Liza to stop long enough to let me get her picture.

The next time she stopped, told me to take her picture and smiled. MIRACLE!

Jason had to pause to watch the tractor. He's pretty serious about tractors... even if it's just really a riding mower.

After some rock throwing Jason found a set of steps and wanted to sit for a while. There were some cheerleaders there practicing and he wanted to watch them. Help me!

He melts my heart.

I'm surprised I have a heart left at all.

And then Jason saw his buddy show up.

The kids had a great time and so did I. I'm so glad that Jason has a friend!

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