Saturday, August 7, 2010


I've finally decided to name a price for my photography. :)

I had a friend contact me the other day. She wants pictures to put on her business card and asked if I would do that in exchange for some of the products she sells or babysitting. YES! Of course I would be interested in trading a photo shoot for babysitting.

So the wheels started spinning and I was trying to come up with what I thought would be a fair exchange.

If I had to pay someone $10 an hour to watch my kids, a ten hour day would cost me $100. (And $10 an hour is high for this area I think. Maybe not. I have no idea since I never pay for babysitting.) If someone had to pay for a photo shoot like I do...something beyond going to JCPenny and getting a few posed shots with plain backgrounds... and then wanting the pictures and rights to print, would have to pay well over $100.

I decided that in exchange for a photo shoot and a cd of prints that I will accept about 10 hours of babysitting. I have a few people that are already interested! That means full days that Mike and I can go out. It will mean time to go in to the city if we want, or take a long hike or a small day trip.

And I will be getting practice. I love practicing my photography!

Plus this makes me feel good... like I am contributing to the family. I don't work so I don't bring home a paycheck. But I can pay for the babysitting with my skills. And in turn Mike and I will get enough time out that we can relax and really enjoy the day and work on bettering our relationship.

It's a good deal for everyone. Any takers??

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