Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Case and Point

Last week I wrote about how I hate that people are always telling you "just wait until...!"

You know... when your kid is just born they are saying "Just wait until they start crawling!"

And when they start crawling it's "Just wait until they start walking!"

It's always said negatively. Well today I was out at the store and let me just share what happened...

I was in line to check out and I had both kids with me. In front of me was a man and a woman and the man was being all nice and said to the kids "Did you bring your mom out to shop today?" And the woman gets started...

"I bet it's more that she brought the kids to shop. Those kids don't have any money to spend. I remember when my kids where little and I brought them to the store. I couldn't get through without spending $400 because my kids were all 'I want this' and 'I want that'. blah blah blah. It's much better now that they are grown and out on their own."

I nicely responded that "my kids know we have a shopping list and we only buy what is on the list. And actually they are usually pretty fun to shop with."    thankyouverymuch.

Then this woman goes on about "Just wait till they get older. That's when the trouble really starts. When  my granddaughter was about 8 or 9 that's when she started. She started lying on me. She was telling her mom I did stuff to her. I never did any of that stuff. mumble mumble mumble. I don't hurt kids. It's her dad that hurts kids. mumble mumble mumble."

Oh my gosh! Was this lady really talking to ME, a complete stranger, like this!?!? People are weird!

I just couldn't wait until she was through the line and gone. But it gets even better. She kept rambling on about stuff and I just kept saying "uh huh" or doing my stupid little giggle that I do when I don't know what else to do.

Then as she is gathering up her stuff and heading out of the line she actually says this...

"I could use a babysitting job. That's actually what I am looking for."

I said "Oh I don't EVER need a babysitter. I stay home with the kids."

And thankfully she walked off. The girl that was working the register looked at me like "oooo-kay." I told her that I hate how everyone is always telling me "You just wait till..." and she said "I understand! I'm pregnant and all anyone wants to tell me is how awful it is going to be. I came in today drinking an iced tea and everyone is telling me 'YOU SHOULDN'T BE DRINKING THAT!'"

Poor girl. We had a little heart connection today. Two strangers that understood each other right where we were at and could offer each other a little laugh. I told her that when I was pregnant and people wanted to tell me how horrible it was going to be because that is how horrible it was for them I just responded with "Well aren't we all glad that your story doesn't have to be MY story." It shuts people up. And I'm thinking that I might just have to start saying that to people who tell  me that the teenage years are hell.

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