Tuesday, August 31, 2010


People seem to have a really hard time with commitment these days. Really… it’s quite easy… if you say you are going to do something you do it. How not complicated is that!?

But all the time people tell me they are meeting me or doing something and then they never show or don’t follow through. All. The. Time.

It gets old.

And the excuses I hear! Oh man. Talk about making a person feel like crap.

“I fell asleep.”
“I need to cancel because this other friend called me and…”
“I forgot.”

I’m dealing with adults here. Not children. And this is how life goes. If this is how adults are these days… imagine how bad it will be for the kids who watch them as they grow up. I fear that commitment is a thing of the past.

I hate that you can’t count on people anymore. It’s discouraging.

Now, I understand that life happens and sometimes things do come up. Say someone died, the kid got sick and the other parent wasn’t around to watch them (because believe it or not husbands actually CAN take care of sick kids if us moms let them), a family member unexpectedly flies in to visit, a car breaks. I get it. I understand those things. But PLEASE don’t ever give me the lame excuses.

Maybe people just need to be taught the right thing to do. Ok. I’ll give the lesson.

You have already committed to do something. Someone else calls you and invites you to do something else. You do NOT cancel out on the first commitment. Instead,  you nicely say to the other person “I’m sorry. I can’t meet you that night because I already have a COMMITMENT. Can we do it a different time?”

It’s easy people. Really quite simple.

It’s the right thing to do.

Perhaps if you can't learn to commit in life we can "commit" you somewhere else. Har har.

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