Monday, August 2, 2010

Conversation with Liza about babies...

Jason likes to boss Liza around. Usually he is repeating me and usually I say "Jason you are not the boss." Because they know that I am the boss. They will even tell you so. So Jason understands that. But this morning in my tiredness I instead said "Jason you are not the mommy."

This is the conversation that followed.

JASON: I not the mommy.
LIZA: No. You gonna grow up to be a daddy. And I will be a mommy.
ME: You want to be a mommy someday Liza?
LIZA: Yeah!
ME: Ok. Get married first. Ok? Get married and THEN have babies.
LIZA: Yeah... afta I get married God will make the babies.
LIZA: How do I get married?
ME: First you grow up. Then you fall in love and then a guy will say to you "Will you be my wife and marry me Liza?" And then you say [squeally voice and excitement] "YES!! EEEEEE! YES I'LL MARRY YOU!!"
LIZA: Ok. But I can't say that yet.
ME: Right. You have to wait till you grow up.
LIZA: And then God will make the babies.

I hope that is as far as it goes for a looooooong time.

Yes honey, God will make the babies.

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