Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Deer

One of the things that I really enjoyed while staying at Skyland was the deer. They were always around and they were so used to people that they wouldn’t run off. You could get really close and they wouldn’t even scare.

We had some deer that would walk along the fence at the back of our cabin and we would watch from the balcony. One day Mike opened up a granola bar and as soon as that deer heard the crinkle of the wrapper the thing jumped right over the fence and came right to the edge of the porch and stood there staring at us. It was wagging it’s tail and everything. Basically begging like a dog.

They were cute. I took pictures and emailed them to my in-law’s for the kids to see. It was a nice source of amusement for us.

On the last day we saw this cute little family...

Apparently there was also a mama and baby bear walking around behind our room one morning as well... we just happened to be out on a hike when they came by.

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