Sunday, August 29, 2010

A few things...

I was out doing a photo shoot and when I came home Mike shared this story with me…

I was changing Jason’s diaper.  Liza was in her room and then came into Jason’s room.  Jason said it hurts me. He was on his changing table with a pooped diaper).  Liza said “then cry Jason, cry.”  Jason said “cry?”  Liza said “ya if it hurts.”  Jason’s wheels were turning and then he goes “eaeaeaeaeae.”   A very forced fake cry.  He wrinkled his eyes down and tried to be real sad.

Man… I miss some good stuff when I go out.


I was down town doing a photo shoot for a friend and I happened to be wearing a tie-dyed shirt. This guy walks buy and here is the conversation that happened…

HIM: You guys havin a good photo shoot?
ME: Yep.
HIM: Awesome. Hey… I just have to ask. You’re wearing a tie-dye shirt. Did you ever smoke pot?
ME: Nope. Never.
HIM: Ok. I had to ask because I saw the shirt from over here but when I got closer and could see you I didn’t think you did.
ME: Yep. Don’t smoke it.

Great. Seriously… the freaks were out last night!


The other day we were all out hiking and Liza says “I gotta pee.” Well we didn’t happen to be near any bathrooms so I figured it was a good time to teach the girl about peeing in the woods. We got her pants down and I helped her squat and she peed. She only got one drop on her pants… not bad for her first time peeing in the woods! Jason thought it was pretty neat too.

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