Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We are home and it is good to be home because I missed this...

Seriously! I missed my kids sooooo much. I think I actually got slightly homesick for them a few times and I never get homesick. My heart needed to see them again and I definitely needed a few hugs.

I think what made it difficult was that I didn't talk to them at all for four days. FOUR DAYS! Whenever I am away I call them around bedtime and talk... every night. But for some reason every other phone company except ours had reception up in the mountains. Everywhere I looked people were on cell phones. We had nothing.

I missed the talking and giggling and all out laughing. I missed hearing the kids interact with each other. I missed silly little things like this...

ME: Did you get to ride in Papa's new truck?
ME: What color was it?
LIZA: Sover.
ME: Silver?
ME: Papa's new truck is silver?
ME: Sover?
LIZA: Yeah.

Sover it is.

And their signing! Oh I love when they sing! Liza usually leads and Jason is always a few words behind and he copies Liza perfectly. You should hear when his voice hits these little squeaky spots just because that's how Liza did it.

My heart is happy today. I'm going to squeeze and hug and kiss my kids today until they can't stand it.

Then I will have to stop for a little while to do the laundry and some grocery shopping.

Then it will be time for more hugs and kisses and snuggin.

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