Monday, August 30, 2010

Major Peeve

Being late.

This is pretty much the worst thing you can do to me... whether it is making me late or showing up to meet me late.

Growing up I was always late and probably 99% of the time it wasn't my fault. I know mom and dad had six kids to get ready and out the door and I of course forgive them. And in high school it was always my sister making me late. We are opposites.

I vowed that when I was on my own I would always be on time... even after having kids. If you know me you know that I show up on time. It's important to me.


Well not because I'm bitter from when I was growing up. I'm not. It's because I believe it is about respect. If you tell someone that you will meet them at a certain time then you should use some good time management, plan your day appropriately and show up on time. I don't want to waste twenty minutes waiting for you. That is twenty minutes I could have used doing something else. Twenty minutes I will never get back. You don't like having to wait for people... don't make them wait for you.

One time a friend told me that she would meet me somewhere at a certain time. She showed up about a half hour late. She came in all apologizing because "I was on the phone with a friend and thought it would be really rude to tell her I had to go." No joke. So she thought it would be rude to end a conversation but it wouldn't be rude to let me wait for a half hour!? She was a habitually late person anyways but I told her next time she shows up late I won't be waiting for her. Some people thought that was rude. I don't.

I can't get that wasted time back.

If you were always late for your job you would probably eventually get fired. Perhaps I need to start "firing" people.

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