Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mom and Dad

Have I mentioned lately that I have a really great Mom and Dad? I haven't?? Oh. Well let me mention it then...

I have a really great Mom and Dad!

I was sorting through my pictures when I realized I still had a ton from when we were out to visit with them a few weeks ago. It was all so much fun. Dad planted a little garden this year and the veggies were just big enough to pick when we got there so he let the kids do the picking. They got to pick cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots. Then my mom took the kids inside, gave them butter knives and let them cut the cucumbers. They loved it! And Jason now eats cucumbers... I couldn't get him to eat them before. Thanks for that Mom and Dad!!

The carrots were a huge hit too. Pick 'um. Wash 'um. Eat 'um.

While I was packing up all of our stuff to make the trip back home Dad turned on Veggie Radio for the kids and got out some pots and pans so they could play drums. I think Dad had more fun than the kids... and the kids were having a ton of fun!

(Go to the Veggie Tales website and click radio in the top left corner for all your favorite Veggie tunes.)

Thanks for being so much fun Mom and Dad!

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