Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mr. Cool

Earlier this week I posted a picture of Jason with his sunglasses on for I heart faces but really, I should have waited just a few more hours because after posting we went out to play and Jason insisted on wearing those sunglasses again and he was just being too cool.

We always walk to the end of the road so the kids can run around in the turn around. I also like it though because the lady that lives at the end has a beautiful flower garden in her yard and there is always something new to see. We always stop to smell the flowers. (And I have to convince the kids that we don't pick these ones!)

So Jason is completely and totally all boy... even though he insists on wearing Liza's shoes around the house and likes her dresses and jewelry and lately has been asking to have his fingernails painted too. But everywhere we go he wants his hat, sunglasses and cars.

He's one cool dude!

He even stopped long enough to pose a little bit and smile for me today! My camera was pretty happy about that. Between Jason and Liza it's been tough to get decent pictures because Liza will say she doesn't want me to take any and turns away... and Jason copies EVERYTHING that Liza does.

And then I forget what happened but I must have told him to do something he didn't want to do (like put his cars down on the step so we could walk up to get the mail... he can't hold my hand when there is a car in both of them) and he got upset. This is only half of the pout lip. I missed it when it was at it's best.

Honestly, he is the hardest kid to discipline because he is really good at making you feel really bad. His face! Oh my. He was so mad at me haha.

But he eventually got over it and was back to playing. Liza tried to be like Jason today and took some cars outside too. Jason attempted to show her how you do it. She got bored pretty quickly and was back to twirling sticks around in no time. She's a girl.

He's my Mr. Cool... and in two days he will officially be 2 1/2 years old! Seriously... I have a hard time wrapping my head around that because for months now I've been thinking he must be almost three. He just seems too grown up and talks too much.

Awww. I love him!

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