Sunday, August 1, 2010


When the kids and I took our trip out to visit my parents I saw on Facebook that a neighbor that I grew up with was also going to be home visiting her parents. I told her to bring her kids up and knock on the door sometime when they weren't busy so we could visit. And she did. And it felt like when we were kids... knocking on doors asking if they could come out and play.

Me and Jessie...

I hadn't seen her in probably ten or more years. Geez.

She has two adorable girls and Liza and Jason had a fun time playing with them.

Can you say "what a doll!!!!?"

Jason decided he wanted in on the action too so he posed for a bit but the older girls were too busy playing to stop for pictures. Oh well.

It's so much fun to meet up with old friends. I find I am doing it all the time these days... thanks to Facebook. (It's still a love/hate thing with Facebook.)

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