Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh Jason.

Wednesday morning Jason woke up sick. I knew he was sick as soon as I touched him. He had a 104 fever all day long. There was a whole lot of sitting and snugging while watching tv going on in this house and not much of anything else. It was a long boring day.

He went to bed that night with a really high fever and woke up just fine. We stayed home though just in case it wasn't really over. He was fine all day. Although definitely a bit more tired than usual. Even though he was really tired though he didn't take a very good nap so by the end of the day we were having a whole lot of this...

He just couldn't handle life. He was too worn out. We put him to bed early.

Today seems to be going much better. He was in a great mood this morning and he is still napping right now. That's a good thing. Hopefully tonight goes smoother than last night.

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