Monday, August 9, 2010

Getting There

Our drive to Shenandoah National Park was about five hours. It was made just a little bit longer because we had to drop the kids off at my sister-in-law’s but it was practically on the way so it didn’t make a huge difference.

It was a beautiful day for a drive and there was little traffic and no construction zones. That’s as good as winning the lottery!

I took some pictures of random things on the way… just because that is what I do. There was this picture perfect farm along the turnpike… I liked it.

The further we drove the more beautiful the mountains became.

And we finally made it to the Thorton Gap Entrance of Shenandoah Nation Park. Skyland Drive is GORGEOUS! So gorgeous. It’s 105 winding miles long of 35 miles per hour driving. Along the drive there are tons of overlooks… and we wanted to stop at them all.

We pulled in the first one we saw and on the back of the van in front of us we saw "Just Married!"

We told them congratulations. I took a few pictures for them. Had them take a picture of us. We looked at the mountains. We were so excited to be there and on vacation without the kids. And I loved that the first people we ran in to were a couple on their honeymoon. I decided in my mind that I wanted to be just married and on my honeymoon again. (We actually never took a honeymoon.) I wanted to be that couple in love. And we were.

Anyways... God is amazing like that. If you’ve been following my blog more than two weeks you have seen my marriage posts. You have read that Mike and I had been having a lot of tension and we had a gazillion things to work through. And we’ve been working. We’ve been slowly making those changes that will make our relationship better. This vacation came at the perfect time. If it had been much sooner we would have still had too much to deal with. Instead we had already worked through so much that we were able to enjoy this. We felt like the young, in-love couple.

Vacations are necessary and I am glad that we got to take one. I'll be posting more this week about our vacation and where we stayed and the things we did.

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