Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Skyland Resort

When Mike’s family told us they would watch the kids I immediately booked the trip that we had been thinking of doing. Shenandoah National Park. The last time I had been there was about ten years ago… sometime in college… and some friends and I stayed with another friend who was a park ranger. All I remembered was that it was beautiful.

We wanted a vacation that would be relaxing. We could take a few hikes, sit and relax, not feel rushed to fit all kinds of things in. (That’s why we decided not Boston this time… maybe next time. I love Boston.) Anyways… I had no idea what to expect as far as rooms. All I got was a few pictures on the internet and their description. It sounded good.

Now, normally when Mike and I travel we stay at cheaper hotels… around $60 a night because we want to save our money to do all the things in the area. Since we wouldn’t have to pay for anything on this trip other than food, lodging and gas we didn’t mind that we would have to pay $130 per night for our room. I  can’t remember the last time we paid that much for a room somewhere!

But it was worth it! Worth every penny and I would do it again.

We stayed in the Raven’s Nest at Skyland Resort which is the highest point and at mile 41 on the 105 mile Skyline Drive. Our room is basically like a typical hotel room but more rustic. And best of all is the balcony with it’s amazing view.

We woke up and ate breakfast on our balcony.

We read books and relaxed on our balcony.

We watched the sunset every night from our balcony.

What I really loved though and made it so worth the money spent was that is was sooo quiet. No cars. No city noise. Not even a whole lot of critters. Just a lot of real peace and quiet.

And I should mention that the weather was absolutely PERFECT. I couldn’t have ordered weather as good as we had. The temperature was just right. (I have no idea what it was though.) There was always a nice breeze. And in the evenings I was actually wishing I had packed a pair of jeans. Perfect weather.

Perfect vacation.

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