Monday, August 16, 2010

Talking with my kids.

Today when I went to get Liza out of her room after her rest time (because she no longer naps) I laid down in her bed with her for a minute and we had an interesting conversation.

ME: Come over here and snuggle with me Liza.
LIZA: Ok. (pause) I don't like to snuggle with Daddy.
ME: Why not!?
LIZA: I just don't like to snuggle with Daddy.
ME: I like to snuggle with Daddy. Do you not like it because he's hairy?
LIZA: Yeah. He has hairs on his cheeks.
ME: (as I rub my cheek on her) Do I have hairs on my cheeks!?
LIZA: *giggle*  *thinking* But I have little hairs on my legs.
ME: Do you!?
LIZA: Yeah. But I hafta cut them all off.
ME: Who's going to cut them off!?!?
LIZA: We need it to just be skin on our legs. Do you shave your legs Mommy?
ME: Where did you learn about shaving legs!?
LIZA: Daddy shaves his face.

Right. So my almost four year old daughter is getting her nails painted, talking about painting her lips red and already mentioning shaving her legs!

Thank goodness Jason's talking still stays somewhere around "It's a weal big poooop! It's weally bwooown! Eeeewwwwww! (while pinching his nose.)"

Jason keeps me grounded when Liza makes me want to cry!

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